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May 18, 2013 6:00am EDT
, but the grain plains as well. >>> the i.r.s. scandal continues this morning. republican lawmakers have mere questions now after hearing testimony from the ousted i.r.s. chief. steven miller apologized for the agency misconduct. and insisted that agents who gave tougher treatment did not act out of political bias. government leaders were made aware back in june that investigators were looking into the complaint. tea party groups said that they were singled out, but he testified that politics did not motivate their actions either. >>> a charity set up to help the three women freed from a decade of captivity in cleveland, has reached a $1/2 million. the charity, the cleveland courage fund has reached $4,080,000. donations are coming in from 50 states and several foreign countries. it will go into four trust funds for the women. and castro, the man accused of kidnapping and raping them is under suicide watch in jail. >>> new york city artist is under fire this morning from the object of his photo exhibits. he took pictures of the people through their windows of their apartment, like creaming an
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1